We're a collective of conscious leaders, creatives and plant medicine researchers who combined to co-create unity consciousness in humanity. 


We guide business leaders individually and in a mastermind retreat experience to see life & business from a elevated vantage point.

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The quality & depth of our lives & businesses IN THE FUTURE are determined by the questions we are willing to ask ourselves NOW

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Seeing Everyday Life & Business
Through The Lens of Love

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By working with applied philosophy, anthropology and psychology combined with global timeless spiritual practices and teachings we know how to deepen our empathy by unfolding the other person's world view through basic skills such as listening, observing and questioning. Another, "empathy booster" and deep teacher is the plant medicine itself. 

Plant Medicine 

As a plant medicine medicine retreat centre and academy, our educational purpose is to deepen our awareness of the plant/fungi and human relationship. Moreover, to supplement the growing body of lab research within plant medicine with our qualitative and field based data and insights. The active substance in the mushrooms we apply is "psilocybin" - where lab research has proven to increase empathy and moral decision-making. 

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We believe that we as business leaders have a moral obligation to grow beyond our culturally learned biases. We consistently develop our tools and frameworks to help you transform your unconscious blockages. We also provide you with the tools, frameworks and rituals to help you include divergent perspectives and engage your employees and collaborators through co-creation and participatory design.

Beyond Biases


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