We create sacred space for business leaders to rapidly transform limitations with leadership development and plant medicine. 

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Welcome to our retreat centre, our academy, and our sanctuary in the mountains of Southern Spain.

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Ready for a life-changing journey with plant medicine?

Change Thought Patterns
Bypass Human Guidance
Connect With Spirit Guides
Flourish With Likeminded
Challenge Mindsets
Connect With Nature
Gain New Habits & Rituals 
Increase Empathy & Generosity
Deepen Your Connection With Spirit
Relax, Let Go, Play & Move


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Unity Is The Key

Our purpose

We're only getting started on our official journey, and our core purpose has remained the same from 2014 when we first facilitated personal development group experiences with plant medicine in home surroundings, which is to awaken our hearts and share the experience of unity as an integral part of living a liberated and well-examined life. 

Mastermind in Nature

Our retreats


Our 5 days (4 nights) transformational plant medicine group retreats are  characterised by deep absorption into the captivating wisdom of nature focused on elevating your consciousness. As four conscious business owners and leaders you gather to deeply connect with the elements, yourselves, your business and each other.

Ancient Wisdom & Modern Science


We humbly intersect ancient wisdom and modern social science giving us an understanding of how to more efficiently manage our emotions and what that means to our personal and collective evolution and wellbeing. 

Looking for a transformational plant medicine retreat?


Our grandest vision is to see a world, where global business leaders collaborate, co-create and operate from unity consciousness - we believe that our deepest challenges and opportunities in life and business are rooted in "who we are being" - we recreate ourselves to increase health and wealth for all.


Unity retreat is founded by Beatrice Savage and Søren Bjerrum as a way to question, unfold and re-frame the greatest challenges on earth. Now is a pivotal time to recreate our human leadership with nature and elevate our collective consciousness.


We're a collective of "soft skills experts" with a combined experience of +25 years as plant medicine researchers and practitioners. 

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“I reached out to Søren in times of turmoil in our business. I have been implementing some of the rituals, strategies and mindsets that Søren shared with us and I can definitely feel and see our culture now is growing around empathy and effort.”
Mariana Serrano Robles, CEO

“I really enjoyed every moment of our interaction. Marina is very kind, empathic, and a very good listener. I learned a lot from the insights she gave me at the end of our discussion, but also from the process, from the questions that she addressed in a very natural and curious way. I am very grateful for your help and I really admire your passion <3 ”
— Alexandra Stroe, Co-Founder

“ Working with Beatrice was a beautiful journey I’m so thankful to have ventured on. Such a soul alignment with her messaging, coaching and expertise and am so blessed to be able to call her a friend & mentor! ”
 — Kaia Groeneng, Digital Creator

"Soren helped me rediscover the importance of having shared values with clients and how essential a sound and deep philosophy is for business as such." 
 — Mikkel Pedersen, Founder & CEO 

"I was impressed with Marina's ability to empathise with other people and ask all the right questions, in order to set an appropriate course of action. Also her framework gave me a lot of insight and understanding of core personality traits in myself and others. Looking forward to working with her again in the future!" 
 — Jannick Seierø, Founder & CEO 


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